Turkeys voting for Christmas?

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1 March 2024 by
Turkeys voting for Christmas?
Doubly Good, Leigh Garland
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Santa claus addresses a field full of turkeys from a lectern

Morning everyone, and in light of the recent Intercom post and another OpenAI announcement... perhaps we need to consider where this race is taking us?

Do I fear AI? Yes and no. Today has shown both sides of the coin in stark detail. AI has the capacity to do a lot, but we really have to start asking some hard questions:

  • Who does AI benefit?
  • Who owns AI?
  • If AI can do 'anything', what are the responsibilities of the owners of AI?
  • If AI can do 'anything', what are the outcomes for those that don't own AI?

Of course, you can comment below, or you can book a call to find out how your organisation can get the most from AI, or why I found one of the linked posts so disturbing...

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