Getting the most from AI

When AI can do anything, how can you make sure that it's doing the right thing?
15 May 2024 by
Getting the most from AI
Doubly Good, Leigh Garland
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We've recently seen some amazing demonstrations of the power of AI, and businesses looking for a competitive edge are already asking how it can help them.

At Doubly Good, we help you get the most from AI by:

  • Helping you create a Strategy for AI
  • Uncovering the pain points in existing systems and processes
  • Contextualising your data so AI is learning the right thing
  • Choosing the right technology for the job to be done

Strategy for AI

How are you going to get the most from this technology? What should your data retention policy be updated? Is it okay for your employees to use AI tools to enhance what they do? Can we even manage this? Ok - so there's a lot of questions, and when EVERYTHING is being labelled "AI" it can be challenging to identify what it even means to use AI in your business. 

Doubly Good can help you devise and execute a pragmatic strategy that helps you manage the costs and risks, whilst getting maximum rewards.

Uncovering the pain points

Typically, AI is used to automate some (or all) of a process. For many businesses, keeping the human and policy side of things aligned with digital systems can be challenging. Adding AI into this mix means you really need to make sure that you know exactly what your expected outcomes are. 

Doubly Good will help you to map out your processes to ensure that your AI and your people know exactly what to do in a given circumstance, and help you identify pain points and gaps that are currently going unmanaged.

Contextualising your data

Context and structure is key to getting your AI solutions to be most effective. For example, structure means labelling your columns with time and temperature - context means knowing whether that's a reading from an oven or an aircon unit.

Doubly Good can help your teams give more meaning to existing data, as well as help you create systems and processes that ensure future data generation is the right shape.

Choosing the right tech

Right now, the AI domain is moving really, really quickly, and we don't expect this to stop any time soon. So how do you decide what the best technology is? Well, hopefully you have a strategy that means you have clear objectives; you'll have identified where in your business processes AI will provide the most value; AND you have data ​that has meaning. Now you can test AI on it's merits - does it do the job you expected?

Of course, we realise that it's not always this simple, so Doubly Good can help you learn enough to make an informed decision, and help you understand what your options are.

Next steps

You can find out more about how we work or best of all, book a call to talk about AI, or anything else for that matter. For instance, you could ask me about how we used AI to help John Lewis provide an online stylist service!

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