Meet Leigh Garland

Leigh has been working in innovation technology & service delivery for over 25 years, in a variety of roles. He can help you make data-led decisions, improve team performance and get ready for AI. Book an intro call today!
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Meet Leigh Garland
Doubly Good, Leigh Garland
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I've been working as a technologist, developer and service consultant for over 25 years. Beginning my work-life authoring CD-ROMs in the late 90s before making the leap onto the web, and I never looked back.

Since then I've worked with Banks, Airlines, Ice Cream Vending, Food delivery boxes, Marking & coding, Supermarket automation and many more, in a variety of roles as Software lead, UX manager, Service Architect, Delivery manager, Process consultant, general cheerleader and table-tennis coach.

Skip forward 20 years, and we officially formed Doubly Good to help other organisations innovate, adapt and improve, based on what we've learned over the years. We've built AI data platforms, emergency COVID response systems, delivered products & services for the MoJ and John Lewis, and helped many teams find a path to being a little more effective every day.

I'm always happy just to have a chat about things in general - not everything has to be a sales call - but my skills lie in addressing the challenges of getting the best from people, processes and technology.

You should book a call with me today!

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